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Impact of FinTech and Blockchain on the Financial Markets and Institutions

Three leading FinTech experts discussed their views on the impact of FinTech, and in particular the potential disruptive role of Blockchain, on financial markets and institutions.

  • FinTech: much ado about nothing?

  • Will blockchain truly disrupt finance?

  • What are the key challenges for FinTech in Hong Kong?

  • How can financial institutions rise to the FinTech challenges?

  • Which areas of the financial industry are most threatened by FinTech disruption?

The experts shared their different perspectives on the above areas, drawing questions and opinions from participants who were keen to gain more insight on this hot topic in finance.


  • Prof. Veronique Lafon-Vinais, MSGF Project Director and Associate Professor of Business Education, HKUST


  • Paul Schulte, Founder and CEO of Schulte Research International, author of "The Next Revolution in our Credit-Drive Economy: The Advent of Financial Technology";

  • Alex Medana, CEO WIP Solutions; and

  • William Ross, Partner,

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