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MSGF Sample Class - Revitalizing a Successful Family Business

[Past Event]

Many family businesses in Asia have excelled by staying true to their original business model. In today’s economic environment, new technologies and changing consumer behavior are disrupting many industries, and put firms under pressure to change their business model. These challenges are exacerbated in family businesses because tradition makes it hard to change corporate strategies and industry exposure. We will consider these challenges by focusing on how one of the few remaining trade firms or “hongs”, Jebsen Group, has revitalized their corporate strategy. The case discussion will provide a road map of how families successfully can revitalize their business.

Prof Kasper Meisner Nielsen, MSGF Academic Director, in this class used "The Jebsen Group: The Next One Hundred Years as a Family Business" case discussed:

  • Why family businesses create value

  • Challenges facing successful family businesses in Asia

  • Jebsen Group’s decision to revitalize a successful family business

  • How family assets and value creation interact

  • How the interaction between family assets and value creation should guide the revitalization of corporate strategies

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