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Congrats CL2018 & Welcome CL2019!

Congratulations to MSGF Class of 2018

The Class of 2018 has gathered in Hong Kong on November 7-8 for the final module of integrative project presentations, as well as the closing ceremony to celebrate the completion of the program after an intensive one year of study. These students come from 18 nationalities and 14 work in locations all over the world from as far away as Brazil, South Africa and UAE.

The integrative project is the capstone module of the MSGF program. The objectives are to allow students to integrate the financial skills assimilated throughout the program, to apply critical thinking and analyze the real life finance issues that are applicable to the business world. This year, the project teams cover very practical and up-to-date topics ranging from acquisition strategies of Tencent and Broadcom, valuation study of NVIDIA, to current hot issues of green bond issuance, and alternative investment in fine wine, etc. Some of the project teams’ analysis are in line with the recent news released by those studied companies.

The final module ended on a high note with the closing ceremony joined by more than 80 students, guests and faculty members from both HKUST and NYU Stern. At the closing ceremony, the students have paid tribute to the teaching faculty and their family members for the support throughout the whole year of study.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018! Stay connected and welcome to the alumni family of both HKUST and NYU!

Welcome MSGF Class of 2019

The MSGF Program has warmly welcomed the Class of 2019, its 12th intake of students, at the opening reception and dinner on November 12.

International student diversity is the key in a truly global program. The Class of 2019 is formed by 51 professionals coming from 18 nationalities and 11 work locations with an average of 11 years of work experience. Among the class, 45% work in Hong Kong, 25% from the US, and the rest from Asian countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, and other global locations including Chile, Estonia, Russia and the UK. This year, the program has also achieved a record high enrolment of 39% of female students.

The MSGF Program is designed for high performance professionals in the financial services industry and those with finance functions in non-financial firms. Classes are held in Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai and the class commenced its first module on the HKUST campus in November with the topics on Global Macro and Asian Markets by Professor Tom PUGEL from NYU Stern, and Foundations of Corporate Finance by Professor Kasper NIELSEN from the HKUST Business School.

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