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MSGF Class of 2020 Kick off

We are delighted to announce the commencement of the MSGF Class of 2020 !

The one-year MSGF program will be a tough but exciting experience for forty-some finance professionals who come from 15 nationalities and 9 work locations from all over the world. With an average of 12 years of work experience, these executive students come together to share their valuable industry experiences in 7 modules of classes at three financial centers including Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai. They also learn the most updated finance knowledge from world-class faculties at two prestigious universities around the Pacific Ocean.

Professor Jialin Yu, Academic Director of the MSGF Program (HKUST), says “We begin our class next to the Magic Road, we hope you will have a Magic journey with MSGF”.

At this kick-off module, the executive students started their one year journey with two foundation courses, namely Global Macro & Asian Markets by Professor Thomas Pugel (NYU Stern) and Foundations of Corporate Finance by Professor Kasper Nielsen (HKUST).

Global Macro & Asian Markets provides financial decision-makers with concepts, relationships, and frameworks to better understand crucial aspects of the global macro economy and the interplay among national economies and financial markets. Foundations of Corporate Finance provides framework for understanding the impact of financing and investment decisions made by firms/managers on company value.

Nothing is better than planning ahead. Since the first day of class on 10 November 2019, the MSGF new cohort showed highly positive attitude and enthusiasm in forming project groups to prepare for the year-long integrative project on practical finance issues.

Let’s rock!! Welcome to the MSGF community!

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