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2018 Resolution: Invest in Yourself

2018 begins with an interesting month where major market indexes have been reaching record high. So should you now buy or sell? Making new position or holding cash? Investing in developed or emerging markets? Crytocurrencies or commodities?

Whatever your decision is, let's not forget to INVEST in YOURSELF. Our recent graduates of Class of 2017 have just completed the program, and some of them are already reaping benefits from their studies. Enjoy reading, and we hope you will make the right investment for yourself too!

Isaac Manuel Ramirez Obeso

Senior Manager, Deloitte, Mexico "HKUST and NYU are powerhouses in finance, and the program has a unique combination of classes held in three world financial centers. This provides a unique opportunity to see how the concepts taught in the classroom come to life.

Now that we concluded the program, I can embody the same mix of concepts and application to boost my book of Asia-Pacific businesses as well as to help bridge the Latin-American and Asian financial markets. Graduating from the program is the fundamental piece building block of the bridges, as it provides a fantastic toolkit to address present and future challenges, and access to current and future key decision makers."

Randeep Melhi

Senior Consultant - Blockchain & Fintech, Capco, New York "Prior to MSGF, I was quite focused on my own industry and location. The program truly broadened my horizons both in geographic locations, and in the breadth of subject matter I'm curious about. I now have a network that I can tap on if I want to ask about cryptocurrencies in Lagos, real estate in Mexico City or fixed income investments in Dubai. Through this, I have begun to view the global financial landscape much more holistically, and to appreciate when seemingly disparate global trends are actually intertwined."

Edmund Qua Hiansen

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, PHINMA Corp., The Philippines "After completing the program, my company assigned me additional functions related to finance. As part of a diversified conglomerate in the Philippines, I now have responsibility for investor relations and liquidity management for the two parent companies. As this is a very new role for me, there have been cases where I have been able to consult my classmates in areas of their expertise. MSGF provided me with the tools necessary to confidently take on this role and maximize shareholder value for my company."


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