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MSGF Global Insight Series - eSports Competitiveness, Monetization, and Stakeholder Value

September 29, 2021 (Wed), 20:00 - 21:00 Hong Kong time

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Interest in competitive gaming, “eSports” or “eGaming,” is growing exponentially. The global eSports audience is forecast to hit ~650 million by 2023, 65% higher than 2018 levels. Existing eSports stakeholders are moving fast to monetize the passionate fan-base through game licensing fees, advertising, media rights, sponsorships, and merchandising, primarily through the promotion of streamed (but stadium-filling) leagues and competitions. The industry’s ability to monetize these revenues, which exceeded $1 billion in 2019, fundamentally depend on the level of audience engagement. One critical driver of engagement is the level of competition (or unpredictability) of gaming contests. Powerful conclusions have been drawn from studies focusing on the competitiveness-engagement-monetization value chain in professional sports. In this seminar, we will address the current level of competition across leading eSports leagues and considers specific policy/structural recommendations to support increased levels of fan engagement to ultimately rebalance value for key stakeholders.


Jeffrey Kwong (CL2020) is an Investment Analyst at BNP Paribas Asset Management. He is a key member of the Greater China Equities team, in which he focuses on technology sector investments across China / HK / Taiwan secondary markets. His day-to-day responsibilities include fundamental analysis, idea generation, due diligence, and portfolio monitoring. Prior to joining BNPP AM, Jeffrey worked at international buy-side and sell-side equity research firms, and was a management associate at a Fortune 500 company.

Schedule and Rundown:

20:00 Welcome and Introduction

20:05 Presentation

20:45 Q & A

21:00 End

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