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MSGF Global Insight Series - What is an NFT?

February 23, 2022 (Wed), 20:30 - 21:30 Hong Kong time

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Interest in digital goods on a global ledger known as NFTs have grown exponentially in 2021, where it has even surpassed the searches for “crypto” in Google searches last year. Not long ago, art and collectible NFTs were only an idea with potential and no one outside the crypto industry took them seriously. With NFT sales volume totalling $25 billion in 2021, growing at over 250 times compared to the year before, this has caught mainstream attention and deserves a closer look. In this seminar session, we will go over “what is an NFT?”, its applications and the future growth opportunities of this new concept and technology.


Matthew Chan (Class of 2020)

Matthew is currently a Corporate Development Manager at Binance, the leading global crypto exchange and he is based out of Hong Kong.

At Binance, Matthew works on the post-listing team where he is responsible for strategizing and enhancing the overall business performance through user growth and building key external partnerships. He interacts regularly with founding project teams to propose recommendations to help grow and scale their user base and community.

Prior to joining Binance, Matthew served mainly in account management roles at various exchanges and financial technology firms like Singapore Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange and S&P Global. During his time as an account manager, he advised private equity firms, investment banks and regulators on market trends such as adhering to upcoming regulatory changes, new ways to generate greater alpha, and improving existing workflow processes.

Matthew’s interest in crypto started in his junior year of university, where he delivered food orders after classes to save money to start his crypto currency mining venture with his roommate. After understanding the implications of this new technology in the real world, he has followed the developments in this market closely ever since and is finally pursuing a new career where his true passion lies.

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