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Program Design


  • One-year program with 7 modules

  • 4 modules in Hong Kong, 2 in New York and 1 in Shanghai

  • 12 courses and 1 Integrative Group Project

  • 40 total class days including 12 days in the weekends

Course Delivery

  • Course materials include textbooks, pre-readings, case studies, and in-class materials

  • Course delivery by lectures, in-class exercises and case discussions

  • Expect 60 hours of work for a 2-credit course on top of class hours


  • Assessments in the form of assignments, in-class exercises, take-home exams and timed tests

  • Class participation and attendance contribute to final grades

Integrative Group Project

  • Students form small groups and work on real-life finance issues

  • Faculty will be assigned as project advisor

  • Deliverables include project report and presentation

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