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Executive Format 

  • One-year program with intensive block weeks of classes

  • Modular class format ideal for busy working executives

  • From foundation to deep-dive into advanced topics

  • Just-in-time delivery of topics for immediate application at work

Focused Curriculum

  • East and West orientation of curriculum in finance

  • Balanced mix of academic and practical finance issues

  • Comprehensive range of finance courses with hot topics

  • Work-relevant topics to enhance financial fluency

Program Highlights


Experienced Participants

  • Bring bright people with diverse background to one place

  • Top executives from multiple businesses and nationalities

  • Productive classroom with extensive experience and insights sharing

  • Network with peer professionals to open doors for new opportunities

World-class Faculty

  • Top-notch professors from HKUST and NYU Stern

  • Interactive case-based teaching to enhance instant learning

  • Renowned scholars bring research insights into the classroom

  • Veterans to supplement with practical industry insights




Practical Project

  • Work in teams with like-minded peer professionals

  • Integrate knowledge into practical experience

  • In-depth quantitative analysis of real-life finance issues

  • Insightful project findings with results and impact

Industry Connection

  • Practitioners to speak on latest industry development

  • Complement academic knowledge learnt from professors

  • Exchange of market intelligence and industry best practices

  • Understand East and West local markets inside out

Prestigious Degree

  • Joint degree from best of both worlds in one program

  • Recognized credential around the world and in the workplace

  • Broadened horizons and enhanced credibility on work profile

  • Springboard for career progression and advancement

Powerful Network

  • Proud to be alumni of both HKUST and NYU

  • Massive alumni base from two of the best universities

  • Resourceful network in wide range of industries

  • Worldwide connection with alumni located anywhere

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