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Leadership positions in global finance are still dominated by men. Find out how two women have used a Master's in Finance degree to change their career paths

Anele Makwaza used the Master in Finance from HKUST and NYU Stern to boost her career

It’s no secret that the world of finance is male dominated, particularly in the most influential leadership positions.

In the US, women hold 54% of jobs in the...

It’s not only jobs within the finance sector that are open to Master in Finance graduates

As global Fortune 500 companies increase their hiring of Master in Finance graduates, the program is becoming an increasingly attractive option—according to the Graduate Management Admission Council, 52% of Master of Finance programs reported growth last year.

It’s not only jobs in the finance sector...

In the wake of a financial dip, these Japanese professionals are updating their industry knowledge in China.

Japan’s financial sector is experiencing something of a slump. Despite the country’s prominence in other industries—from robotics to light industry—things are slowing down in this important region. 

Since the 1990s, Japan’s GDP per capita has been on a slow downward trajectory, while fintech...

The future of finance is centered in China. And Master in Finance degree holders are at an advantage

If you’re an experienced professional looking to kick-start a career in finance, looking to China makes sense.

Rapid innovation in fintech and an array of opportunities linked to China’s Belt & Road—a massive infrastructure development project extending across the old Silk Road trade route—are creati...

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