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American software developer James Jahnke used his post-experience Master’s in Finance to deepen his knowledge of the financial sector and land a job at top trading company IMC​

James Jahnke's (right) Master's in Finance has helped him develop

his knowledge of global finance and land a new job

You might think digitization in the finance sector means fewer jobs, but the stats tell a different story. 7...

From America to Asia, Colombian JP Morgan banker Daniel Restrepo explains how his Master in Finance from HKUST and NYU Stern has prepared him for a global career

Born and raised in Colombia, it was an internship in Miami, with the private banking division of Lloyds Bank, that first took Daniel Restrepo to the United States. While there, he landed a permanent position with HSBC, before moving on to...

Lawyer and entrepreneur Bryan Kuhn chose to study the MS in Global Finance at HKUST and NYU Stern

Bryan Kuhn (right) with Prof Menachem Brenner, Academic Director of MSGF Program from

NYU Stern School of Business

Bryan Kuhn’s day begins on video calls with his law firm clients. Later, he’ll work through tax reports for his investment company. He’ll end the day with a spot of consulting.

It’s a typica...

Leadership positions in global finance are still dominated by men. Find out how two women have used a Master's in Finance degree to change their career paths

Anele Makwaza used the Master in Finance from HKUST and NYU Stern to boost her career

It’s no secret that the world of finance is male dominated, particularly in the most influential leadership positions.

In the US, women hold 54% of jobs in the...

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