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HKUST-NYU Stern MSGF: Top Recommendations from Alumnus Justin Yang

Justin Yang (MSGF Class of 2023), Research Associate at Glenview Capital, shares his top three recommendations for future MSGF candidates, on managing the travel schedule, learning, and more!

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HKUST-NYU Stern MSGF: Embracing Learning Amid Turbulent Times

Justin Yang (MSGF Class of 2023), Research Analyst at NY-based hedge fund, shares his experience with the MSGF program. Justin finds the program to be very rewarding, as it deepened his understanding of the finance industry and provided him access to global perspectives and first-hand experience across diverse cultures and markets.

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HKUST-NYU Stern MSGF: Empowering the Experienced Finance Professionals for Career Advancement

Abraham Monroy (MSGF Class of 2023), CFO of Red de Colegios Semper Altius Mexico, shares his experience with the MSGF program. Abraham is an exemplary continuous learner who believes in the power of education. His dedication has propelled him along an inspiring and progressive career path.

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The MSGF Program Ignites Your Passion for Lifelong Learning

Becki Li (Class of 2022), Executive Director, Global Markets Division at Credit Agricole CIB and an alumna of HKUST Business School shares her insights on how the rigorous curriculum of the MSGF program has strengthened her passion for lifelong learning and academic curiosity.

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Embracing the MSGF Journey: A Transformative Experience

Roberto Versace (Class of 2022), a senior financial professional in Hong Kong & Singapore, shares his experience with the MSGF program, highlighting its strong reputation, global nature, and an excellent base to learn about Asian markets. Roberto also recommends future candidates to embrace the journey, approach it with an open mindset, and enjoy the transformative experience.

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Beyond His Expectation: A Place to Think Out of the Box

Jim Yang (Class of 2022), Vice President of CSVi Capital, a venture capital firm in Taiwan. Listen to him on why he chose the MSGF program, how the MSGF program enhanced his global finance career and deepened his finance knowledge, especially when facing doubts and questions as an investor outside Mainland China. Jim highly recommends the MSGF program to finance professionals who want to strengthen their knowledge and make valuable connections in their industry.

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Why choose MSGF instead of an EMBA?

Satish Pradhan (Class of 2021), Executive Director of JP Morgan in Hong Kong.  Listen to his sharing on why he chose MSGF instead of an EMBA, how the MSGF program equipped him better for financial topics and sharpened his thought process. 

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MSGF 15th Anniversary Celebration

The HKUST-NYU Stern MS in Global Finance Program embarked its journey in 2007 and 2022 marks the 15th Anniversary of the program. We have invited Professor Menachem Brenner, Professor Kasper Nielsen and Professor Jialin Yu to speak the development of the program for the past 15 years. Join us in celebrating the MSGF 15th Anniversary!

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Empowering Female Executives for Career Development

Sze Yan Bessodes (Class of 2019) chose to start the MSGF program while she was pregnant with her baby girl. As a female, the program not only boosted her competitiveness in the finance industry but also provided flexibility for her as working mum to balance priorities and perform at studies.

Let's learn more about how Sze Yan got the most from the MSGF Program!

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Equips for Career Progression

William Lin (CL2020), currently Senior Software Engineer and Senior Management, OBKL Technology Company Limited started the MSGF program in such a challenging time. The MSGF program not only equipped himself for the new normal but also helped him for career progression. 

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Best Decision in COVID-19 Era

Jerry Lin (CL2021), Managing Director and Head of Finance of China Reserve Securities Limited, shared how the program helped him in advancing his skill sets and his career in the midst of pandemic.

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Tips for CXO to Expand Your Global Opportunities

Lara Sif Hrafnkelsdottir, CFO and COO of Valens-Laurus Capital Management based in New York, enjoyed the global learning journey of MSGF program. She has broadened her financial outlook and expanded her global opportunities. She has also sharpened her financial technical skills and is more up to date on global markets. Further, she has gained much more exposure on Asian markets and FinTech than before. Watch her video for more advice.

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