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The program typically consists of 7 modules in 12 months.  Classes are held in Hong Kong, New York or other global locations.  Course sequence and exact dates are for reference only and subject to confirmation. 

Module 1 

November   Hong Kong   (8 days)

  • Global Macro and Asian Markets 

  • Foundations of Corporate Finance 

Module 2

January   Hong Kong   (5 days)

  • Foundations of Investments 

  • Asset Allocation

Module 3

March   New York   (7 days)

  • Derivatives Markets 

  • Fixed Income Instruments and Markets

Module 4

May    Hong Kong   (5 days)

  • Applied Corporate Finance and Valuation

  • Behavioral Finance

Module 5

June / July    Shanghai   (4 days)

  • Financial Markets and Corporate Finance in China

Module 6

August / September   New York   (10 days)

  • Risk Management in Financial Institutions

  • FinTech: Digital Currency, Blockchains, and the Future of Financial Services 

  • Topics in Financial Markets and Governance

Module 7

November   Hong Kong    (2 days)

  • Integrative Project Group Presentation

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