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1.  Will I be considered for admission if I do not have a finance background at work or in school?

We expect our participants to come with good quantitative and number skills.  A finance background at work or by training will be helpful but it is not a must.  In general, prior studies or a major in business, science, economics, accounting and finance, along with professional qualifications such as a CPA or CFA, will be sufficient demonstrations of quantitative skills.

2.  I have a master’s degree but no bachelor’s degree.  Does this satisfy the admissions requirement?

Yes.  We require our applicants to be qualified at least at an undergraduate level.  Those with a master’s degree but no bachelor’s degree are welcome to apply.


3.  I do not have 5 years of full time working experience, will my application be accepted?

A minimum of 5 years full-time work experience is required for admissions.  Applicants with close to 5 years of work experience and a strong background will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


4.  Can I get some advice on my candidacy before applying?

Before submitting your application, we strongly recommend our applicants to schedule a preliminary interview with us to clarify questions about the program, and get advice on your candidacy.  Please submit a Preliminary Information Form online and attach your CV, our admission team will get back to you shortly after reviewing your information. 

5.  When should I expect a result after submitting an application?

In general, an admissions result can be released within four weeks after a complete set of application materials is received.  A selection interview will be arranged for shortlisted applicants.


1.  What does the program fee include?

The program fee covers tuition, books, and course materials, as well as accommodations and meals for Module 1 and Module 6  in Hong Kong.

2.  What are the additional costs besides the program fee?

Participants need to cover the cost of travel and lodging, with the exception of accommodation during Module 1 and Module 6 at HKUST. Please click here for the estimated cost of attendance.


3.  Are there any scholarships for the program?

MSGF merit-based awards are now available, please visit fees and financing for more details. 


Besides, there are study loans from the US Federal government and the HKSAR government respectively for eligible candidates. Please visit below for more details:


1.  Do I need a student visa to study in Hong Kong?

Those who do not have the legal right to live in Hong Kong are required to apply for a student visa.  The Program Office will provide guidance on student visa applications before the program commences

2.  Do I need a visa for the Shanghai Module and New York Modules?

Students are responsible in obtaining necessary visas to China and the US for classes. The Program Office will provide supporting documents for visa applications.  Approval of student visas is at the discretion of respective consulates


3.  Where and when are classes held?

In Hong Kong, classes are held on HKUST’s Clear Water Bay campus. In New York, classes are held on the NYU Stern Campus in downtown Manhattan. In Shanghai, classes are held on the NYU Shanghai Campus in Pudong.  

4.  Can I defer my study?

Candidates with an admissions offer can apply for deferral of admission.  Upon approval and settlement of the admissions deposit, a place will be reserved for the next intake.  According to University regulation, deferral is only allowed one time.  If candidates cannot start the program in the year that follows, they will need to apply again in the future.


1.  What kind of degree will I get after graduation?

Graduates will get a Master of Science degree, jointly conferred by both HKUST and NYU.


2.  How will I be affiliated with HKUST and NYU after graduation?

Graduates of the program will become alumni of both HKUST (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and NYU (New York University).  They will have access to the alumni communities of both universities.


3.  What is a class profile like?

The student profile of MSGF is very global and diverse. A typical intake consists of 40-50 students of 15 nationalities from more than 10 locations. On average, students have more than 10 years of work experience. 60-70% of the students locate outside Hong Kong. 

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