MSGF Finance Seminar in Hong Kong - Alternative Data: Can Technology Make Us Less Reliant on the Government for Macro-economic News? (Aug 8, 6:45-8:30pm)

August 1, 2019


Unlike private entities, governments can acquire information spanning entire populations, making them a unique source of macro news. 


In this seminar, Professor Abhiroop Mukherjee will use data on crude oil futures to show that recent advances in satellite imagery can reduce this reliance on the state.   Also, the identification strategy exploits variation in local cloud cover over a handful of supply chain bottlenecks – key to oil inventory predictions – as a series of random shocks to satellite observability.


Speaker Bio



Professor Abhiroop Mukherjee is an Associate Professor of Finance at HKUST. He joined HKUST in 2010 after receiving his PhD in Economics from Yale University, where he worked under the supervision of Professors Nicholas Barberis, Andrew Metrick, and Robert Shiller (Nobel Laureate, 2013).  Professor Mukherjee studies issues related to behavioral and institutional finance, and his research has been published in all of the three top academic journals in finance.


Professor Mukherjee has received recognition for both teaching and research, and some of his work has been used in applied settings by Investment Funds, Central Banks and Policy Think Tanks, both in Asia and in the U.S.


Seminar Schedule


18:45     Registration and Light Dinner
19:00     Welcome and Introduction
19:10     Presentation
20:15     Q & A
20:30     End


*Participants are entitled to one hour of continuous professional training (CPT) requirement stipulated by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong.


To RSVP, please click this LINK. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tracy Chau at




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