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MSGF Finance Seminar - Pricing Climate Risk

April 7 2022 (Thu), 20:30 - 21:45 Hong Kong time

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Climate risk is investment risk. Imagine you are investing in agribusiness or real estate in Shanghai or Jakarta and you want to try to figure out much damage a typhoon, flood, or heatwave will cost you over the next 10 years. Alternatively, you work for a bank, and you are trying to decide whether to approve project finance for a wind farm built in Southeast Asia. How would your decision change if you knew that wind streams will weaken for the next five to 10 years, and thus, not generate enough energy to cover the loan (Dr. E. Benz, Asia Times Financial, Dec 2020)

Climate risk is repricing all risks, albeit mainly ex-post. The objective of this presentation is to talk about why climate change risk is a significant tangible risk that should be measured and valued ex-ante. This short seminar will walk you through the concept and the real application of climate financial-related impact.

There will be an introduction to MSGF program during the finance seminar. RSVP now!


Prof. Entela Benz-Saliasi is the CEO and Co-founder of Intensel Limited, an AI-powered climate science for predicting financial risk related to weather extremes and climate change. Besides, since 2008 she serves as Adjunct Associate Professor at Department of Finance, HKUST Business School, teaching a variety of courses such as Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives, Investment Analysis, ESG/Sustainable Investing mainly for Master level. Entela has been acting as consultant / advisor / executive trainer on ESG Investing. Previously, she worked for UBS Investment Bank in Hong Kong, a Hedge Fund in Geneva, Switzerland etc.

Currently, she sits on various boards such as Dragon Capital Group Limited, The Hong Kong Green Finance Association ESG Integration working group, the Board of Advisors of International Care Ministries (ICM), as well as the Friend of Earth NGO Advisory Board.

Her publications and Harvard Business Review cases studies are on ESG integration, physical and transitional climate risk impact on company performance in general, China A-Shares, Asia based companies etc. Previous academic research is on Portfolio Optimization with Credit Default Risk, as well as Venture Capitalist contract pricing using numerical simulations techniques.

She graduated with a PhD in Financial Asset Management and Engineering (FAME /Swiss Finance Institute) from HEC – University of Lausanne, Switzerland, also holds an MPhil in International Economics from HEI- Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland and Certificate of Finance from Linacre College, Oxford University.


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